LT & the Soulful Dynamics

The third in this first trilogy of futility featured Leroy Tucker- known simply as L.T. on the scene-and his band the Soulful Dynamics. The band was a rotating combination of McClyde Sheely, Melissa Riley, Melvin Ausbie, Eric Williams, Collier Carruthers, Lee Berry, Virgil French, Walter Atchinson, and Charles Wakefield. Despite infectious horns and L.T.’s impassioned delivery, neither “Crazy About You Baby” nor “Everybody Needs Somebody” made a dent locally or otherwise. Like all of the Solo platters, the Soulful Dynamics record was manufactured at Monarch in Los Angelas. Dick Smart fondly recalls picking up the record at the Wichita Greyhound station with an excited L.T. in tow.

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