Love Apple

“Well, you know a ‘love apple’ is a tomato,” explains vocalist Annette Warren. “And we didn’t want to be called ‘Tomato.’” So the Love Apple name—in colorful reference to the aphrodisiac powers of the ever-popular vine-ripened salad vegetable—was actually rather practical. Just as practical was a then-freshly-plucked group’s 1978 rehearsal tape, laid down as not much more than a first draft, and as a means of determining how its compositions might change or how they might not. This tape was certainly never intended for the public. As it does from the wooden enclosure on Steve Jobs’ original Apple-1 computer, beauty flows from these recordings as the byproduct of their functionality. And Love Apple’s unreleased six-song “debut” offers a rare glimpse at a moment that—absent the meticulous recordkeeping and extensive tape archive housed inside Cleveland’s Boddie Recording Company by engineer and studio owner Thomas Boddie—might have gone forever unnoticed.

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