Little Jr. Jesse & the Tear Drops

The Tear Drops and their enigmatic singer Little Jr. Jesse were- according to Dynamic 101's two toned, Lone Star State-for-a-frame pic sleeve- "Texas' fastest upcoming band." Abe Epstein, for one, believed in the Drops hype and in Jesse Vallado, to the tune of two Dynamic singles, four Metro-Dome 45s, a Spanish title on Cobra, the four more native-tongue offerings on the Vallado label, all of them issued before the 1970's commenced. "Give Your Love To Me" b/w Fats Domino's "It Keeps Rainin'" was released in 1965 and aimed at reaching first-generation malt-shop teens, but the Tear Drops weren't yet on par with the Royal Jesters, much less the Sunliners, and the record ended up sandwiched between dead-stock and polka 45s in the General McMullen Drive stock room.

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