Lavel Moore

By 1969, the Young Disciples live set, in true Midwest show-band fashion, featured each artist and group assuming the identity of a current hitmaker, in addition to performing their own nascent material. The Primes imitated the Temptations and the Primettes were the Supremes. Dauphin Williams appeared apart from the Debonairs as Otis Redding, Bobby McNutt did his best Joe Tex, and Angela Shipp handled Aretha Franklin. Primary Prime Larry Williams teamed with Primette Ardella Tolden as Marvin Gaye and Tammie Terrell. The Meditations, featuring 15-year-old LaVel Moore and his cousins Artemis and Pam Haley, would take on the Jackson Five. A Young Disciples performance was a living, dancing museum of great black music. Recording was their logical next step. A couple years later, in 1971, Yodi was running at capacity and the string-drenched number "The World Is Changing" nodded to the underlying hope the entire Yodi enterprise was founded on. If the company had a theme song, this was it.

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