Lady Margo

Joyce "Lady Margo" Fargo had issued two singles on the Soul World label before the second was inexplicably "reissued" on M.T.V.H., which was distributed by M.T.H. Her third single, 1974's "This Is My Prayer (To Find Someone Of My Own)," bore the M.T.H. label, with R.E.W. listed as distributor. Confused? That word perfectly describes R.E.W.'s entire business model. Fargo would issue two singles on the Cynthia label and then spend the remainder of the decade performing in various revues. Her performance at Bill Collins' "Battle Of The Blues Between The Girls" at the Silver Shadow in 1977 was noted fondly in Living Blues, but Lady Margo would never move past the opening slot on any bill. Six years later she would turn up on Jimmy Dawkins Leric label as Sister Margo & the Healing Choir.

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