J.P. McClain & The Intruders

In 1980, Titan 45s wholesaled for a mere 60 cents each, with the label picking up the freight. In love as they were with the 7” format, Sorrells and Prellberg understood that the money was in the LP. They hatched a plan for introducing their budding catalog to the world at large. Just Another Pop Album: The Titan Sampler—an obvious tweak on the J.P. McClain song title—culled together the best of the catalog as well as leftover tracks cut at various sessions since the label’s inception. Due to an ongoing legal saga with the Secrets*, none of their material was included, and because Gems had faired so poorly, Titan opted to have J.P. rework a few of the March 1978 songs rather than release the admittedly subpar recordings.

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