Josephine Taylor

To guide the label back to its R&B track, Jimmy Jones returned to Evanston and retrieved Josephine Taylor, a gospel songstress who Jones had written the hit "What Is Love" while both were at Mar-V-Lus. Matched with Syl Johnson as producer, Taylor would record the best material of her career. "I've Made Up My Mind," besides being a superb gospel-tinged ballad, is also an early appearance of the great Donny Hathaway. Though a minor child star, Hathaway was little known at the time, having found meager work locally before meeting Peter Wright. The rest, of course, is well-known history, as Donny Hathaway would become one of Chicago's greatest success stories. Josephine Taylor's career took an entirely opposite direction; these recordings would be her last.

Josephine Taylor Appears on: