J.C. Akins & The Dukes

Not the first crew to walk into their Union Avenue, Cleveland, studio but the first to capture the Boddies’ imagination, James C. Akins and his Dukes are the reason Thomas got back into the record game. Issued on Bounty in 1965,“New Dance” b/w “Searching For Someone” kicked off a trio of Boddie-pressed Akins 45s. After the Dukes split for their native Louisiana, Akins struck out as a solo artist and Thomas threw good money after bad releasing “I’ve Got To Find A Way (To Get To Your Heart)” b/w “I Love You” later that year on Luau. Inexplicably, Thomas returned to the Akins well and to Bounty in 1966 with the shelved, Dukes-backed “You Upset My Very Soul.” Wanting for radio access as well as any kind of distribution, all three records suffered a similar fate. Akins would never record again.

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