Jay Mitchell

Raised in the Eight Mile Rock Settlement, Jay Mitchell was a natural star in both the church where he sang in the choir and as a dancer for his godfather's band. He picked up the guitar, the maracas, the organ, and any instrument he could get his hands on, mastering each to a high level of proficiency. At the tender age of eleven, he was sneaking out of the house to perform, receiving beatings from his grandmother upon his return in the wee hours of the morning, pockets brimming with tourist cash. In 1963 he cut his first record, "I Need You," with the Singing Vibrations, a group he assembled from church. With the taste in his mouth, the sixteen-year-old Mitchell set of for Nassau. A try out to sing lead for a band with a steady gig at the popular Imperial Hotel would create a rivalry that would propel his entire career forward.

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