Hot Snow

"Our manager was pushing us to be the first interracial rock couple. I don't think the world was quite ready for that," Dorothy McDonald recalled about the Southern California septet Hot Snow. The black Sonny to McDonald's Cher, Fred Snow formed Freddie Snow & his Snow-men in 1966, with McDonald on vocals. After booking agent Gail McConkey promised gigs in Los Angeles, the group went West. McConkey added Roger Alves, Fred O'Brien, Harvey "Jackson" Self, Terry Curran, and Sharon Robinson and renamed them Hot Snow. While McConkey secured residences in Hawaii and Alaska, LA club manager Rick Fleming arranged for the group to record at Hollywood's T.T.G. Studios with Hendrix engineer Angel Balestier, and Hot Snow's two originals were issued on Hadley Murrell's Relevant label in 1971. A 1979 club gig in Fresno angered the audience, who ransacked Hot Snow's hotel rooms in response to the group's mixed membership. Shortly thereafter, Dorothy and Fred broke up, and the band followed suit.

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