Herman Jones

As the ‘70s gave way to the ‘80s, Herman Jones had earned his ski-legs on stages inside such lodges as Duluth’s Spirit Mountain and Trollhaugen of Dresser, Wisconsin. In Months just passed, he’d also tracked lasting and plainly named demos “I Love You” and “Ladie,” despite having arrived at such work by association with combos of more invigorating designation: the Amazers and the Exciters.
As a front man, Herman Jones pulled out all the stops, loosing a dozen or so years worth of showmanship he’d held pent up behind his kit. He mimed electric guitar licks with microphone stands, gave tabletop serenades to patrons, and mimicked horn solos on kazoo. In a review of Jones’ November 5, 1976, gig at the Hippogriff in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, writer Paul Mordorski reported that the cowboy-clad singer instructed one irritated patron, “Don’t mind me, just knock me down.” Jones confessed to using this line frequently. “But he left off the second part,” Jones later said, “which was ‘But the more you drink, the better I sound!”

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