Here And After

The Here and After are another testament to WHB's pervasive "no garage allowed" attitude. A contest was held in the spring of 1967 with bands submitting demos to the station. A weekly head-to-head "battle of the airwaves" was held, with the winner advancing to meet next week's challenger. The ultimate victor's reward was to be a recording session, a 45 on some local label, and airplay on WHB. But after listeners overwhelmingly voted the quartet of Carl Palermo, John Barlow, Pete Tracazzi, and David Gaiser the champs, WHB reneged. To avoid a lawsuit, WHB doled out a few token spins, but the hard edges on The Here and After's April 1967, Cavern Session- resulting in "Hey Joe" and "Mister You're A Better man Than I"-were too rough for staid Johnny Dolan and company.

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