Ginny Reilly

The last Lady From The Canyon to commit song to tape, Ginny Reilly was there from the start. She moved from Chicago to San Francisco in 1968 and began making the rounds at open mic nights around the city, before landing her own night at the Drinking Gourd. In 1970, she began writing and performing with David Maloney, a Bay Area folkie from Syracuse, New York. The two toured heavily throughout the early 1970s on “the steakhouse circuit,” without recording so much as a demo of original material. In 1976, the duo headed into the studio to record At Last, the first of seven albums. If “Wildman” sounds like a lost Rumours outtake, keep in mind that it predates Fleetwood Mac's smash album by nearly a year. For almost 40 years, Reilly and Maloney have gone back and forth from Ginny’s home in Seattle, Washington, and David’s home in San Anselmo, California, with frequent stops at cafés, churches, and, yes, steakhouses in between.

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