Free Mind

"Get On Up," issued in 1967 on Bunky Records, was a godsend for Milwaukee vocal group the Esquires, who would sell a million copies of their debut. In 1970, Charles Small auditioned with the Esquires, securing the duties of guitarist in Navajo Train, their backing band. But as Navajo Train began to falter, Small escaped into his new group Free Mind. Small drew Marcus Robinson, Jimmie Rogers, Reginald Humphrey, and Floyd Cheatham into the group, and after hearing rumors of opportunities in Minnesota, the band relocated to the Twin Cities. Free Mind caught the eyes of KUXL's Ray Moss and Jimmy Smith, who signed on as managers. Moss and Smith then scheduled time at Kay Bank Studios to track a single released on George Garrett's Twin Town imprint. A few months later, Free Mind wound its way back to Milwaukee, and a disastrous reunion tour with the Esquires left the group in shambles.

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