Flack and Company

The first accented murmurs of indigenous soul in Kingsport, Tennessee, called themselves the Scat Cats. After running the chitlin' circuit and a breakthrough record on Columbia, the Cats stagnated, so the young Flack brothers broke away to form a group more hip to the sound of 1975. Flack and Company recorded "Disco-TNT," a thinly veiled interpretation of Kool & the Gang's "N.T.", and "Been Loving You Too Long (Don't Want to Stop)"—in which Donnie Flack delivers a lonesome monologue lighting the fuse on a funky appeal to a female suitor—at Kingston's Tri-State Recordings Company. Times changed, former Cats returned home, and old band mates reformed into what a 2005 issue of Eastern Tennessee's alt-weekly called a "request band," playing a little bit of everything. Call ahead if requesting "Disco TNT".

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