Fabulous 3 MCs

With two groups in his pocket, Jeremiah Yisreal booked January 14th 1981 at Mayfair. The backing band was a stripped down to just bass, keys, and drums. Someone brought a whistle and made good use of it. Handclaps were in abundance. Up first, the Fabulous 3 MCs proceeded to lay down "Rub A Dub Dub," seven and a half rambunctious minutes of disco rap that would prove to be the only document of the group's momentary existence. Missy D, Apple C, Easy K, and Lady T stepped to the mics next and absolutely demolished the 3 MCs. Jeremiah, leaving nothing to chance, had lyrics and music printed up to insure that the rhymes were tight, even if two Melody Crew voices came off a bit "junior circuit." "Missy Missy Dee" was a monstrous studio success, and much to the Fabulous 3 MCs dismay, its release was prioritized over theirs. Feelings were hurt, a fuss was raised. And Jeremiah did what he'd eventually do to far too many artists on his stable: he buried them and the record.

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