While still a high school student in Chicago Heights, Torian dropped his choir singer’s robes to solidify a Soul Enchanters lineup suffering from lead singer James Ray’s spotty rehearsal attendance. By the spring of ’72, they’d become simply the Enchanters [pictured right], holding down an empowering spot as the house band at Clarence Ludd’s High Chapparal nightclub at 77th and Stony Island Avenues, backed nightly by From the Womb to the Tomb (later known as Boscoe). Ludd offered the Enchanters the run of the place for rehearsals and financed the making of 1973’s Golden Ear Records GE 100, “A Fool Like Me” b/w “Let There Be Love.” Featuring Torian on lead, Steve Fuller and Van Taylor as tenors, and the baritone of Dwayne Campbell, the heart-hurt, you’ll-be-sorry balladry of “A Fool Like Me” promptly climbed radio powerhouse WVON’s charts.

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