Ebirac All-Stars

Carlos "Caribe" Ruiz bolstered his salsa revues with performances by ensembles assembled from various orquestas past and present, creating such "super groups" as Ebirac All-Stars, Chicago All-Stars, and Puerto Rican Congress All-Stars, bands largely cobbled together on the fly when a call came in. The seemingly interchangeable groups managed to cut three 45s in the mid '70s; Ebirac All-Stars' backing of Puerto Rican trad heroes Ramito and La Calandria on "Plena Matrimonial-Contraversia" stood out in particular. Caribe proposed a follow-up album provisionally titled The Roots of Puerto Rico in Chicago, but the LP never managed to get out of committee. Lacking any actual stars, the Ebirac All-Stars cast came up significantly short on their follow-up 45s.

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