As far as band names go, no group better represents North Carolina's Piedmont region than Duracha, a portmanteau of the triangulated cities of Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill. Through classmate connections, mutual friends on the club circuit, and marching band camaraderie, Stanley Saunders, Doug Kelly, Bobby Moody, Terry Bullock, Alfred Burton Jr., Jonathan Eubanks, Michael Meeks, Craig Beaumont, and Larry Knight started testing their bandstand chops together long after the school-day ended. Eubanks, who had previously been in a troupe of cross-dressing entertainers highly regarded in Durham's clubs, raised the eyebrow of E. W. McCuller, who produced the monster Black Experience Band cut "The Road." Duracha recorded "Ghet-to Funk" b/w "Jody Is Gone" for McCuller's Microtronics label in 1976, the former of which was culled from Black Experience Band leftovers. The misspelled label "Duralcha" had little effect on the trajectory of the group, who disbanded upon college enrollment in the fall of '76.

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