Detroit Jr.

Ivory-pounding Emery Williams was a long time Simmons affiliate, dating back to 1956 when he blew in penniless from Detroit, immediately earning the Cadillac Baby-coined nickname "Detroit Jr." He followed directly in Simmons' footsteps, using his Royal Aces connection to shore up one-offs with Bea & Baby and Chess before making the jump to Carl Jones' C.J. imprint with his Del Rays unit. He hit pay dirt with "Call My Job" on the U.S.A label before tracking "Young Blood," for Chuck Colbert's Tip-Top label. It would prove to be his last release before he took over as Howlin' Wolf's piano player in 1969. Though technically a full-timer with Wolf, Detroit Jr. could be found down at Pepper's a few nights a week, waiting tables between sets for extra scratch.

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