In the hierarchy of the Champaign-Urbana scene, frat-wave rockers Contra-Band were the counts of sorority row. While the Vertebrats and the Nines were playing Mable's or Murphy's on East Green, Contra-Band had the private party circuit on lockdown during their two-year existence, entertaining 35 Greek houses for what they assured themselves must've been some kind of record. The original Contra-Band-Bob Spieler on guitar, Don Koss on drums, Mike Cohen on bass, Bill Schultz on keyboard, and blonde-shell Carolyn Adler on vocals-could be found synthing their way Off Broadway and elvis Costello covers for disinterested pledges. It wasn't until guitarist Carter Ruehrdanz joined the group in September of 1980, and pushed the keyboards out the window, that the band made the grade.

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