Collie Ryan

To call Collie Ryan’s trilogy of albums scarce is an understatement. They were sold only out of a van that followed no visible trail and released by an outfit called The Colorado River Gold Mining Company. The few known copies have turned up in New York, Alaska, Florida, and any other place you’d least suspect. “Cricket” is from the second of these albums, recorded in Santa Barbara, Caliornia, in 1973. Ryan continues to be the embodiment of what this collection hopes to evoke, an earth mother who lives off the land and communes with nature in a fashion that few can even dream of. In the mid 1970s, her van broke down on the Texas highway outside of Terlingua. She lives there to this day, gardening and selling her painted hubcaps at a nearby art gallery for sustenance. Collie Ryan continues to make music, with a repertoire of original songs numbering in the thousands.

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