Founded in 1966, The Insider served as a valuable resource for all members of Minneapolis' musical ecosystem. Over its 15-year run, the industry publication grew from pamphlet Connie's Insider to periodical The Musician's Insider, reviewing local records, running classifieds for bands seeking players and vice versa, keeping the creative community up to date on touring acts, and stirring up regional gossip along the way. In August 1977, teenage Minneapolis nonet Cohesion got its day on the newsstand, securing the cover of the provincial music rag. "Sometimes, it seems, the only way musicians can make it to the big time from Minneapolis is by moving out of town," wrote the Insider's Dave Hill. On the cover of Vol. 10, No. 6, Cohesion looked quite comfy at home-at the time, they had it pretty good. They'd recorded a 45 boasting two originals- the eponymous calling card "Cohesion" and the mostly instrumental "Expense"-at Sound 80, with up-and-coming engineer Dave Rivkin. And they'd rung in the New Year at the Holiday Inn on Nicollet, headlining a bill that included Mississippi newcomer Alexander O'Neal, as we as Shampayne (the former Grand Central).

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