Circus followed in the footfalls of Boot Hill to the door of Lowlands. Junior David Taylor got together with seniors Brad Mason and Jim Wylie to form the Beaumont High School-based psych band Color Of Time (which borrowed a Strawberry Alarm Clock lyric for a bandname) before reconfiguring as Spark’s Circus (bit from a regional traveling circus of the same name) in 1970. A three-ring trio themselves, they dropped the clunky “Spark’s” in short order. "Different Kind Of Feeling" b/w "Love Of The Morning," Circus' only single, became the first rock 45 issued on Lowlands in-house label PMRC. The trio returned in October, cutting the David Taylor/Rick Henderson song "Give Me Time" and multiple versions of "Bird" which were promptly shelved after their PMRC record failed to light up the phone lines.

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