Chocolate Snow

Cornelius “Baby” Neal, now known as C.C. Neal, had left the Smart Brothers Band shortly after John Smart departed for Vietnam. After bouncing around a variety of local bands, he latched on with the Rubber Ducks, an all-white stage band out of Kansas City. Meanwhile, three of Neal’s siblings- Robert, Curtis, and Carl- were forming a large mixed group that took its cues from Santana, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Sly & The Family Stone. Combining funk, rock outrageous outfits, and various ethnicities into one band, they hit on the truly evocative and somewhat unfortunate Chocolate Snow moniker to describe the fusion. The rest of the group consisted of James T. Jones, Richard “Frosty” Hicks, and Ron “Taco” Tabor-guess which one was the white guy.

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