Chicago Travelers

Beyond the membership listed on the label of their only LP—1981’s He Will Make It All Right for B.G.S.—little is known about the Chicago Travelers. Surprising, considering the quintet produced no less than six 45s for the Cuca, J&W, Josiah, One-Way, and Psalms labels, plus another on their self-titled label. The Murff brothers—Fred, Garfield, and Buster—hailed from Mississippi and settled on Chicago’s South Side before teaming up with Robert Danner and Nate King to form the Travelers in the late 60s. 1975’s “Been Trying” is simply listed as Public Domain, leaving no clue as to who the lead singer or backing band might’ve been. With all five members deceased, the prospect of shedding any new light on the Chicago Travelers mystery seems remote.

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