Changing Times

Comprised of Platte City rockers Dave Parrett (bass), Tommy Bartlett (drums), and John Gresham (guitar), the Changing Times didn't come together until adding guitarist/Farfisa man Mark Edelman in 1966. Gresham's father, the groundskeeper at Edelman's Hebrew school, spotted the 16-year-old strumming away and thought he might perfectly round out the band he'd recently decided to start managing. They spent the next year playing places like the Riverside Ballroom, Coya's Castle, and St. Joe's Frog Hop Ballroom before the senior Gresham began pack picking up scrapped Chesmann Square gigs from their manager/mother Delores Hodgdens. Their most stead live booking came via the Saturday afternoon KC dance show The Happening, where they racked up eleven Pepsi-sponsored performances.

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