Central Power System

Led by saxophonist Nate Vincent, Chicago cover band Central Power System worked a repertoire of jazzy R&B a la Quincy Jones and Grover Washington Jr. Membership fluctuated over the years, but settled in the late '70s on Deborah Wright on lead vocals, Aaron Jamal on keyboards, Bill Watkiss on bass, and Lewis Cross on drums. In need of a guitarist who could read music, Vincent hired Albert J. Anderson in 1970. Anderson had just released "Let's Bounce pt 1 & 2" by Tiger Jack on his newly incorporated Ajana Records. A homegrown enterprise, the name combined Anderson's initials with those of wife Andrea N. Anderson's while each cream-colored label offered the Anderson's home address, 1638 East 85th Street. When Vincent decided that the band should record a single, Ajana seemed a logical choice for its release.

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