Becky Severson

How Becky Severson's A Special Path made it outside of St. Cloud, Minnesota, is anyone’s guess. Half of the pressing’s 1000 copies were sold to members of Severson’s church and people who lived in her Victoria Heights neighborhood. Many were thrown away. The rest still sit in her garage. Manufactured by the Artronics custom label out of St. Paul, the album was financed by a wealthy brother-in-law who had made a home recording of Severson in Birmingham, Alabama, when she was 17. Intended as the album’s introduction and clocking in at less than one minute, “A Special Path” has a gorgeous simplicity to it. The words were inspired by Jeremiah 6:16, and the song took only about ten minutes to write. Becky Severson was only 19 when she made A Special Path, the last recording she would ever make.

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