Arnie Love & The Lovettes

Arnold C. Joseph appeared at the ideal time to take advantage and be taken advantage of. Brooklyn-born and -bred, Josephs performing career stretched back nearly 20 years to the end of the doo-wop era, his voice lent to countless groups, though he had nary a recording session to his name. By the mid-1960s, Joseph had found his natural affinity for the drums and spent a few years working strictly as a drummer, including a stint with Leo Prices's band through the end of the decade. 1970 found him leading the Claim Jumpers, a ubiquitous club act in the outer boroughs, backing and opening for many a major artist. Joseph took the stage name ARnie Love and managed the rare feat of singing lead while playing drums. In 1973, Love packed up his kit and his falsetto and struck out on his own. Side-tracked chasing a woman to Mobile, Alabama, he hooked up with a heavy funk act called The Family, keeping his skills sharp while working a day job as a porter. Six years later, he returned to Brooklyn. Arnie Love was going solo, and he wanted the world to know it.

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