Regarding the band name Aggregation, Ron Carter offered simply, "Just a bunch of black guys coming together. Nothing creative." Arising out of the Alabama A&M College Marching Band, Carter, Larry "Skip" Glover, Arthur Wade, Eddie Scott, Edmond White and Michael Cornelius recorded their only two original tracks, "A Child Is Born" b/w "Can You Feel It" at Charles "Toot" Snoddy's Acoustic Loop Sound Lab in Huntsville, Alabama in 1970. The group went from playing fraternity parties to warming up crowds for Archie Bell and the Isley Brothers. The plan to get a record deal at Stax—"Let's just go up and sit in the lobby until someone asks us what we want," according to Ron Carter—never panned out because, according to Al Bell, they "sounded too much like the Bar-Kays." Aggregation held together through 1974, until the usual suspects—kids, marriage, missing money—got in the way.

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